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Season 1 (Episodes 1 to 45) - Our Nations Combat Vetrepreneur’s talk about how they transformed their combat experience into a groundbreaking entrepreneurial success and courageous champions of veterans who started businesses for the purpose of supporting veterans.  We discuss their experience in relation to what I have defined as their VisualReality; their personal vision of building a successful business leveraging their experience to bring their core strengths into the entrepreneurial realm.  

Season 2 - The show will embarking on a slightly different path in 2018.  I will be interviewing those that have stories of empowerment.  These will include how they have been empowered to achieve success or overcome obstacles/limitations in their lives or how they have empowered others to achieve great success in their lives.  Please check back for more details on when our first episodes will release in 2018.

Welcome to the Charlie Mike Podcast

Hi listeners I’m Dwayne, a Vetrepreneur with a large passion for empowering the veteran community and partnering with veterans to live inspiring and fulfilling lives.  Over the past 25 years I have served in the military, climbed to an executive position and branched out as an entrepreneur. 

I originally created the Charlie Mike podcast to help showcase the amazing success achieved by various Combat Vetrepreneurs.  Combat Veterans bring a vast amount of experience to the entrepreneur realm that cannot be replicated in any other way.  In Season 1 the Combat Vetrepreneurs will walk you thru their amazing experience and give you some great advice on how to become just as successful as they have.  In Season 2 we will be embarking on stories of empowerment.

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This show is published weekly on Monday mornings.  Just in time for the start of the week and for most of your commutes back to work.  This will provide you an inspirational boost to your morning, work week and potentially that push to break out of the dreaded routine.

If you are looking to break out of that commute and 9 to 5 job, this is the show for you to gain insight on how to use the amazing experiences you have gained over the years through your military service.  Our loyal listeners are called CO’s because they are taking charge of their futures and building a strategic business that fulfills them and creates opportunity for growth.  Become part of the CO Nation and let’s grow together in a partnership of success.


Kevin Bemel Founder The Bemel Group

009 Kevin Bemel Founder The Bemel Company

009 – Dwayne Paro welcomes Kevin Bemel to today’s podcast.  Kevin is the President of The Bemel Company, Inc., where he helps veterans become financially secure by training them to find high paying jobs and start businesses. He writes and speaks on The 8 Deadly Sins of Job Hunting: Avoid Employment Hell Using the Five Steps…

Jon Taylor Founder of Mr QuickPick

008 Jonathan Taylor Founder of Mr. QuickPick

008 – Dwayne Paro welcomes Jon Taylor to today’s podcast.  Jon Taylor is a US Navy veteran and the founder of MrQuickPick USA, a national brand for roadside assistance entrepreneurs. Jon joined the Navy in 1988 and would spend the majority of his enlistment assigned to the aircraft carrier USS FORRESTAL (CV-59) during Persian Gulf War…

Mike Zacchea Founder of UCONN Entrepreneur Bootcamp and Author

007 Michael Zacchea Founder of UCONN Veteran Entrepreneur Bootcamp

007 – Dwayne Paro welcomes Michael Zacchea to today’s podcast.  Mike was a commissioned 2nd Lieutenant in the Marine Corps in 1990.  He deployed to Somalia for Operation Restore Hope and to Haiti for Operation Support Democracy. In March 2004, as a Major, he deployed to Iraq for Operation Iraqi Freedom II. His team’s mission was…

Scott Warren Founder The Exfil Project

006 Scott Warren Founder of The Exfil Project

006 – Dwayne Paro welcomes Scott Warren to today’s podcast.  Scott is the owner and chief ad strategist at The Exfil Project Traffic and Conversion Agency. As a digital nomad, he is successfully combining business building and paid social media advertising with exploring and plenty of time in the great outdoors. He and his family are…

Michael Tacke Photo Veterans Heavy Haul Trucking

005 Michael Tacke Founder of Veterans Heavy Haul Trucking

005 – Dwayne Paro welcomes Michael Tacke to today’s podcast.  He is a California native who joined the Army following the 9/11 attacks. Michael served in the 101st Airborne as an Infantryman and later as a Green Beret in both 10th and 5th Special Forces Groups. He left the Army after 14 years in the fall…

Jim Pfautz Founder of Self Solutions

004 James Pfautz Founder of Self Solutions

004- Dwayne Paro welcomes Jim Pfautz to today’s podcast.  He is a retired Special Warfare Commander, US Navy, Jim has quickly become a thought leader in the cutting edge world predictive analytics, helping leaders accomplish their goals faster, with reduced risk and increased control. A highly creative, systems-thinker Jim has helped law enforcement, military and industry…

Nick Bradfield Founder of Divvy Investments

003 Nick Bradfield Founder of Divvy Investments

003 – Dwayne Paro welcomes Nick Bradfield to today’s podcast.  He is a Marine veteran, graduate of Northwestern University with a Masters in Predictive Analytics, and the founder of Divvy Investments, an advisor friendly robo advisor. He started his career in financial services as a financial advisor with a large brokerage firm.  After a few years…

Justin Constantine Inspirational Speaker and Author

002 Justin Constantine Founder of The Constantine Group

002 – Dwayne Paro welcomes Justin Constantine to today’s podcast.  He is a former Marine and attorney and is now an inspirational speaker and leadership consultant. He recently published his first book, My Battlefield, Your Office, Leadership Lessons From the Front Lines, which focuses on teaching mid-level managers how to lead people.  Justin is also a…

Byron Chen Founder of SuccessVets

001 Byron Chen, Founder of SuccessVets

001 – Dwayne Paro welcomes Byron Chen  to today’s podcast.  He is the author of Barracks to Boardrooms, Negotiating After Serving in the Military, and the founder of, a website and podcast dedicated to helping military members with their transition. He’s been working on several different business ventures since he left the military while balancing a career…

Dwayn Paro Veteranpreneur on Charlie Mike Podcast

000 Welcome to the Charlie Mike Podcast with Dwayne Paro

000 – Welcome to the Charlie Mike Podcast Your Host, Dwayne Paro, of Charlie Mike Podcast gives an overview of the show.  Being a Veteran himself he has a strong passion for ensuring our Veterans get the support they need and are able to create inspiring and empowering futures. Our Combat Veterans have many core strengths that…


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