Chris Davidson Entrepreneur017 - Dwayne Paro welcomes Christopher Davidson to today’s podcast.  He enlisted in the Marine Corps in 1993.  His initial training was in aviation ordnance which put him on a path to support various high level units such as the famous Thunderbolts which led to various deployments in both Boznia-Herzegovina and in the Persian Gulf.

His next assignments saw him climb through the enlisted ranks to fill senior NCO in charge positions for ordnance and quality assurance with various units.

Chris pursued and acquired his private pilot license, private helicopter training, multiple personal decorations, and a BS degree in Professional Aeronautics and Aviation Safety from Embry-Riddle University.

The culmination of all these achievements led to Chris becoming an officer.  He received training to become a Cobra pilot and served various deployments in Operation Iraqi Freedom, amassing nearly 1000 hours of combat flight time.

In Chris’s final assignments he served in various Headquarters positions with Manpower & Reserve Affairs in Quantico, VA.  He completed his military career as a Major.

During his military career Chris was involved in a couple entrepreneurial efforts to get his feet wet for his future after the military.  He is currently assessing various entrepreneurial endeavors that are of interest to him.

Serving our Great Nation (3:25)

Chris spent his first four years on standard deployments.  He was able to get his degree in San Diego while on active duty, as well as his private pilot license.  He decided he then wanted to fly for the Marine Corps.  He joined the officer corp through regular commissioning source even though he had served eight years as enlisted.  He went to flight school and training to fly cobra helicopters.  Towards the end of his career he went to work at Marine Corps headquarters to work pilot manning and type of tasks.  He had entrepreneurial experience throughout his Marine Corps career.

Transitioning to Entrepreneurship (12:10)

Started a construction business between being enlisted and getting commissioned.  This was an opportunity that he identified.  Over six months this covered all his expenses and provided what he needed at the time.

“Remain open and flexible, when you find that niche you jump into it”

He found taking care of what others weren’t willing to do was key.  He made himself available and not saying no to any opportunities.  Later on in his life towards the end of his Marine Corps career he partnered with someone interested in opening a franchise.  He bought the franchise and they built out a store to manage.  The service based business proved to be more hands on than he anticipated.  He ended up selling the business to pursue other opportunities.

“You can’t hire an entrepreneur; you are either an entrepreneur or not”

In the Zone (22:02)

Doesn’t feel working for others is what he is meant to do.  He is currently looking at three potential different options for his next ventures.  Opportunity cost is a key consideration in which endeavor he chooses to follow.

How to Contact Chris (30:20)



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