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Welcome to the Charlie Mike Podcast!

Season 1 involved interviewing combat veterans who have taken their experience from the battlefield and translated that into building a successful business (or two) as an entrepreneur.  We cover a wide array of topics in relation to what core skills the combat veteran has been able to leverage as an entrepreneur, some of the pitfalls they have faced as entrepreneurs and most importantly finding out what really sets them apart from other entrepreneurs due to their combat experience.  You will learn strategies being used that are working for today’s most successful Combat Veteranpreneurs. All of our guests have one experience in common… leading men and women through some of the toughest situations anyone will ever experience. You will find that they all have selflessly sacrificed for the future of our Nation and do the same for their businesses.

As well as we brought in some courageous champions of veterans who built businesses specifically for supporting veterans.  These champions do so in the most selfless manner and have given so much to our military and veteran community.

I call our listener’s the “CO’s”.  Why?  To be a CO (commanding officer) means to be in charge of an organization, here we want you to be in charge of your future.  The CO’s can take what they want from our guest interviews to create success within their endeavors.  I love hearing from the CO’s and adjusting the content/format to make it most useful for them as we evolve the show.

As we embark on Season 2 in 2018 I look forward to changing up the show format to bring more information and excitement to our loyal listeners.  Stay tuned for updates on the new format and content!





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