Angela Cody Rouget Founder of Major Organizers040 Dwayne Paro welcomes Angela Cody-Rouget to today’s podcast, as part of our Courageous Champions of Veterans series. Angela Cody-Rouget is the founder and owner of Major Organizers™, a residential organizing company. She has been building the Major Organizers brand (formerly Major Mom) since November of 2006 and currently has a team of 22 employees in Arizona and Colorado. She was featured on the military episode of Shark Tank on February 5, 2016. Angela spent 14 years dedicated to serving her country in the US Air Force as a satellite commander and missileer. She attained the rank of Major and her husband nicknamed her Major Mom after their first child was born. After her son was born in 2005, she resigned her commission to be a better wife and mother to her two children.

She is currently in the process of franchising her brand in order to create more jobs and opportunities for veterans and military spouses. She has three franchise locations, OH, TX and AL.  Like most women, she sometimes feels torn between kids and career and the balancing act is difficult, but she’s thankful for a husband who is supportive. She also has kids that cheer her on because they believe in her. Angela was born to create order out of chaos. She is on a mission to raise up an army of Liberators so she can restore order to the world, one household at a time!

Connection Military and Veterans (3:31)

Angela received a full ride scholarship at Indiana University for Air Force ROTC program.  First duty assignment was Lowry AFB CO, where she received Ungraduate space training for satellite command and control.  Chosen to be a missile commander in launch control center 60 feet underground.  Next assignment she moved to Minot North Dakota for more missile duty where they were deactivating the missile.  Decided to leave active duty military as a result of working with Nuclear missiles, very stressful job.  Went into the reserves in TX and CO.  After having her 2nd child with her corporate job, working in real estate on the side she decided to separate as a Major.

Courageous Champion Support (6:00)

Angela experienced a series of losses due to real estate market changes causing serious damage to their financial state.  This caused them to hunker down and start a new business, by boot strapping the business.

 “I was programmed to work at a big corporate job or military career.”

This was holding her back from stepping out as an entrepreneur.  She made the move to entrepreneurship fulltime 10 years ago and the business is doing well

 “Military spouses and veterans have true grit that many Americans don’t have.”

Brought on a business partner, 3 franchised locations at this time OH, TX and AL, in addition to locations in CO and AZ that she personally owns.

“Declutter and organize every room in your home”

Team of liberators in camo pants and tshirts, work either side by side or on their own.  They get much more done quicker due to dividing and conquering  They provide additional organization into organizing solutions, if there isn’t one they do get one that works for the client

 “Something happens to the individual themselves, they look happier, the burden has been removed.  That’s why we call ourselves liberators and that’s why we say get liberated”

Originally not interested in franchising, wanted to grow organically and slow.  That didn’t work well because it was too expensive to open several locations with marketing and training.

 “Our vision is to be a national brand, most respected and recognized brand in the organizing industry.”

Step by step they made the vision a reality thru some changes in philosophy and approach.  She was contacted to be part of the veteran episode of Shark Tank.  This is when they decided to franchise and announced it on the show, they were focused on having veterans as franchise owners.

 “As long as I kept grabbing opportunities it was preparing me for an unknown opportunity, which was on Shark Tank.”

How to Contact Angela (34:27)



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