Jennifer Roseman Photo038 Dwayne Paro welcomes Jennifer Roseman to today’s podcast, as part of our Courageous Champions of Veterans series. Jennifer serves as an executive at Three Wire Systems’ VetAdvisor supporting Department of Defense, Department of Veterans Affairs and private sector contracts.  Jennifer has more than 15 years of implementing and directing military and veteran programs which improve access to areas of wellness, behavioral health, financial and career transition.  To date, she is responsible for the oversight of nearly 250,000 coaching sessions to support improved outcomes for veterans, active duty and their family members.

Jennifer serves as President of National Association of Rural Mental Health and sits on the Saint Francis University Social Work Advisory Board. She is a member of the Pennsylvania Disabled Veterans Rehabilitation Committee and JARI’s Defense Business Council.  She holds a Bachelors in Social Work from Saint Francis and a Masters in Criminal Justice from Mount Aloysius College.  She is nationally recognized as a subject matter expert in the field of rural mental health specifically related to veteran care.

Connection Military and Veterans (2:59)

Jennifer has been working in the veteran space for about 15 years.  Started out working in the victim services section of a court house.  Became interested in supporting those who were victims and saw an advertisement looking for someone to fill a victim advocate position for various military installations.  She applied and was selected which sent her down the road of support for veterans.

Courageous Champion Support (6:00)

Jennifer works for Vet Advisors as the Executive Vice President.    Predominately they provide proactive support services to military, veterans, family members and first responders.  First responders is an area that they are actively adding support for.

“Increasing the overall quality of the life of the individual that they are working with.”

They focus on behavioral health, wellness, finance, careers and navigational advocacy.  Focus on all or individual areas depending on what the client needs.  Most of their work is done via phone, skype, in person; whatever is best for the individual.

Partner with the client to work simultaneously on different goals.  Vet to vet approach as often as they can so the trust and relationship is there up front.  With their unique capability with technologies they have developed a custom model that is quite effective with the use of various common technologies such as a fitbit.

“Pride ourselves in being proactive versus preventative in the resources we provide.”

How to Contact Jennifer (27:11)



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