Scott Tucker Founder of Be Financially Fit037 Dwayne Paro welcomes Scott Tucker to today’s podcast. Scott Tucker is a former U.S. Army officer and author of the bestselling book “From Deployment to Dollars.” A graduate of West Point, he went on to serve as an executive officer and platoon leader for U.S. forces in Iraq and Germany. Scott was eventually promoted to strategic information management posts, where he gained expertise in decision-making processes and development of enhanced organizational learning and collaboration methods.

During his time in the military and following his transition, Scott served as a financial planner for fellow U.S. military.

Since that time, Scott’s mission has changed and Transition 2.0 came into being. He purposes to not just help military personnel with their financial goals but help set them on a course to build a post military meaningful life they can be proud of the whole time they’re living it.

As the founder and CEO of Be Financially Fit and the author of From Deployment to Dollars, Scott combines realistic perspective, financial expertise, and life experience to help transitioning military prepare both financially and personally for the transition back to civilian life. Scott resides in San Diego, not only for its beautiful weather and multitude of outdoor sports and activities but also to stay closely connected to the military.

Serving our Great Nation (3:14)

Scott attended West Point and during his senior year 9/11 occurred.  Deployed to Germany and OIF II.  He was short range air defense that was disbanded for a period of time.  He worked with the 52nd Fighter Wing in GE as a liaison for a Joint Command.  Spent time at the Headquarters in Stuttgart GE.  Separated in GE and stayed there for several years.

Transitioning to Entrepreneurship (6:45)

During Scotts time in GE he was a financial analyst which was commissioned based and made him self-employed vs being an entrepreneur.  He did this for years and realized at one time he had the wrong mind set to make the shift to being an entrepreneur.  Certain spaces like being self-employed in the financial sector have many restrictions on what they can do.

As he evaluated the veteran space he realized being an entrepreneur can lead to helping to solve the problem, in particular in the financial space.  Discuss how money plays into your current military time and your transition.

“You can’t control the stock market, you can’t control what the taxes are doing to be…”

He came up with a concept he felt would work well and used it on a few test cases, proving that it could work.  He still considers himself to be in the test phase and launch period.

“The more you can align your service to a mission you can get behind…because you believe in it…”

We need to look to replace the mission we served in the military or you become an at risk veteran.  There are various signs that help a veteran to understand their personal mission.

How to Contact Scott (37:08)



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