Aaron Serrano Founder of Military Cost Cutters035 Dwayne Paro welcomes Aaron Serrano to today’s podcast.  Aaron enlisted in the United States Marine Corps after attending college and graduated the top of his class in Infantry School earning a meritorious promotion. After gaining valuable experience he completed Officer Candidate School and was commissioned in the United States Marine Corps. Completed two combat deployments to Iraq as a Lieutenant. He received his undergraduate degree from William Penn University and earned a Masters of Business Administration degree from Norwich University.

Serving our Great Nation (2:25)

Aaron enlisted in the Marine Corps after college.  Started out infantry and transitioned to being an officer.  He deployed several times during his time in.  His transition came after getting his MBA and had an idea on the business he was going to start.

Transitioning to Entrepreneurship (4:30)

Aaron used a hiring firm and received a few offers, he ended up going to work for John Deere.  He went into position that put him under a former officer that he had reported to in the military.  He was put into a management position to manage various areas of the company.  Then he went into a professional buyer role.  While working fulltime he was working on the business concept that he had in his mind.  As the company grew he had the ability to transition based on metrics of where the company was growing to.  Once he made the transition he felt there was no going back and so the mindset changes that he was all in and needed to make this happen.  He had several mentors that helped him along the way.  Military cost cutters provides access to discounted programs from various companies.  The mobile app provides a way to verify veteran status so that vendors feel comfortable participating.

How to Contact Aaron (26:00)



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