Doc Collins Founder of Patriot Heart Press034 Dwayne Paro welcomes Doc Collins to today’s podcast, as part of our Courageous Champions of Veterans series.  Doc believes in bringing healing, hope, and understanding to the Military Family. His first of a 5 book series will hit Amazon and book shelves everywhere this October. While speaking, in Dallas this spring, he landed a 3 book deal with Scholastic, writing children's books. He'll co Author with his Sons, Titus and Maximus, helping the children of our Nation's Warfighter Community understand the principles of what make Mommy and Daddy so outstanding. He's shared international speaking stages with the likes of Bill Hybels, Dr. Chet Zelasko, and Condoleeza Rice. He's most recently the host of MyCrucible.TV, an interactive race preparation platform that organizes 5ks, 10ks, half, and full marathons across the U.S. Collins now builds businesses and consults on numerous projects from his home in Gulf Shores, AL

Serving our Great Nation (3:08)

Docs background prepared him to enlist in the Army as a combat medic.  He started out in professional body building, professional wrestling and then wanted to use his physical capacity for something in the military.  He turned 30 while in bootcamp.

Transitioning to Entrepreneurship (8:12)

Doc has always had the entrepreneur bug in him.  All the way from when he was in grade school up thru his entire life he was working various gigs and learning from really great mentors along the way.  He didn’t have interest in taking on higher education debt for college.  Doc enjoyed building his own business and making money.

He was able to parallel some of his efforts while in the military by giving a lot of time to veteran Non-Profits.  He started writing as a way to deal with some changes going on his life.  This provided him a lot of pleasure as he grew in writing.  At this time he dedicated himself to learning how to self-publish.

His stories that his books are written on serve the veteran and military community as they can relate directly to the content.  These stories bring a lot of emotion out.  He has received content from followers that relate and he is able to use the context of their information to keep the storyline going.

Doc enjoys co-authoring a series of kids books with his two sons as well.

“Being able to hone and refine your target audience who you love the most or who you are dedicating your energy to is really super powerful.”

How to Contact Doc (30:55)



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