Jordon Kestner Founder of Stealth Performance Communication033 Dwayne Paro welcomes Jordon Kestner to today’s podcast, as part of our Courageous Champions of Veterans series.  Jordon is a 26 year old Entrepreneur on a mission to change the world. Started pursuit as a combat medic for the US ARMY(Time unfortunately cut short). This lead to a tough transition from being homeless to getting a degree in Exercise Science from East Tennessee State University and internship with the United States Olympic Committee. This transition setup the ability to continue to risk everything creating two companies: Warrior Within Athletics a fitness and clothing company focused on creating jobs for homeless veterans and Stealth Performance Communication a wearable technology that is about to rock the planet for Military/ private security sectors, medical fields, and even sports such as Football and Baseball!

Serving our Great Nation (3:20)

Jordon started as a combat medic in the Army.  He received a medical discharge as a result of an injury.

Transitioning to Entrepreneurship (4:16)

Due to the circumstances of his unexpected discharge from the military Jordon experienced some immediate hardships, one of which was becoming homeless.  He was able to start to get his feet under him by attending college and receiving his Bachelor’s degree.  As part of this he started Stealth Communications which is a wearables technology company and he also started Warrior within Athletics which provided sports training and apparel, such as screen printing T-shirts.  He uses the Warrior within Athletics to help homeless veterans find employment.

Starting these business at the time he did was thru setting high goals and be innovative.  He has focused on creating a network to build access to resources.  Overtime he has been able to raise capital which was critical to the start of the organizations.  Knowing when to pivot is important to growing your organization over time.

“Taking what others have done with their experiences you have to take the correlation in what you are doing then use what these successful people have already created and done.”

How to Contact Jordon (32:02)



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