Dan Alarik Founder of Grunt Style032 - Dwayne Paro welcomes Daniel Alarik to today’s podcast. Daniel was born in California moved to the Chicago area when he was a child. He joined the United States Army right after high school. Daniel met his wife and got married in 2008. Daniel and Elizabeth had their wonderful son, Ethan, a year later. Daniel transferred to the Reserves shortly afterwards to be with his family. Upon exiting active duty Daniel wondered how to continue the pride and patriotism that the Army provided. Daniel decided that wearing your pride and patriotism on your back was the best way and that was went Grunt Style was founded.

Serving our Great Nation (2:30)

Daniel joined the military right out of high school.  He wanted to serve something greater than himself.  He was deployed for two years following 9/11.  Moved over to infantry and was eventually placed as a Drill Sergeant.  Finished his time in the Illinois National Guard.

Transitioning to Entrepreneurship (3:55)

Daniel started the Grunt Style venture prior to leaving the military.  This he figured would allow him to be able to continue to support the patriotic nature that drove him.  He really felt like he didn’t have a lot of business knowledge when he ventured out.

“I literally googled at one point what is business.”

He did a lot of self-learning, four to six books a month.  He had side jobs in the beginning to get started.  There was a lot of lean times and times when it didn’t appear the venture would be successful.

He has built a family culture within the company which has proven to be very important in a high stress environment as they are fast growing.

“There are no hale mary’s, business is a ruck march, its not a sprint.”

How to Contact Daniel (31:52)



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