Andrew Marr Founder of Warrior Angels Foundation031 - Dwayne Paro welcomes Andrew Marr to today’s podcast. Andrew is a Special Forces Green Beret, Co-Founder and CEO of Warrior Angels Foundation, is on the leadership team of Warrior Soul, and Co-Host’s the Warrior Soul Podcast with Chris Albert. Andrew is married to Becky, the love of his life, and together they have five children.

Andrew's last deployment in 2013 was emotionally and physically taxing. He and his Special Forces team were engaged in constant combat throughout its entirety. Marr suffered numerous traumatic brain injuries from explosions, which resulted in his medical retirement.

Serving our Great Nation (4:12)

Andrew joined the military in 2006 after graduating with a four year degree.  Decided to enlist and went into the special forces pipeline spending his career in the special operations community.  He was a Green Beret and deployed on multiple combat deployments, as a special forces engineer.  He did demolitions with explosives which put him around many explosions, this with combat trips led to his head trauma.  After completing the journey of following a passion for playing football all the way up to college he decided he needed to continue to be part of a team environment going forward.  He wanted to serve something bigger than himself.

Transitioning to Entrepreneurship (7:55)

Due to Andrew’s medical retirement he didn’t get the benefit of a true transition.  He was totally engaged in what his military career was as a special forces operation when one day he was evaluated as having to much head trauma.  This put him out on the street with 33 disabilities at 100% rating.  He and his family had nine months with out the required support.

“Came to an understanding that nobody in the medical community is going to sort out and fix my life.”

“Quit blaming the external circumstances of life on my personal condition and rather for the first time in my life I had become a victim.”

This changed Andrew’s mind set to finding purpose and overcoming the circumstances.  From this was born getting back into serving others.  Started with a decision to live a life worth living, for him that meant again.

I identified the why to get started with the non-profit.  Andrew did significant research on the way forward that he knew could benefit others.  This became the mission.

How to Contact Andrew (38:25)



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