Jim Raschella Founder of Off Duty Blue025 - Dwayne Paro welcomes Jim Raschella to today’s podcast.  Jim is a Marine Corps veteran from Syracuse, New York.  Jim was a born entrepreneur. From selling tickets to his backyard carnival as a child, to dreaming up multi-million dollar companies—Jim’s ambitions have always been as limitless as his creativity. After graduating high school in 2004, Jim joined the Marine Corps Reserve. After separating from the Marine Corps, Mark pursued a career in law enforcement and Jim began working on a degree in business.  In 2013 Jim’s idea for his entrepreneurial endeavor became obvious, he partnered with a fellow officer familiar with the challenge his business would address, Jim and Mark created Off Duty Blue.  Jim serves as Off Duty Blue’s Chief Executive Officer. Over the past 3 years, Jim has proudly overseen the company’s transformation from scribbles in a notebook, to the most comprehensive special event and detail management software platform available on the market.

Serving our Great Nation (3:10)

Jim joined the Marine Corp straight out of high school.  He went in to drive tanks and was reassigned to being infantry.  He ultimately ended up being a mortarmen.  He was put in a position to train more senior members on different areas because he was the one most trained on the particular tasks.  Deployed to northern Iraq as the last combat Marine battalion.  Separated right after returning from Iraq.

Transitioning to Entrepreneurship (9:38)

Jim was looking to be a firefighter when he transitioned out but that didn’t become his path.  He was able to hook up with a friend he was in the military with who had become a police officer to start up their company, Off Duty Blue.  This took Jim from bouncing around at different jobs to solving a problem of National importance.  He and his friend recognized a systemic problem with scheduling off duty jobs.  They worked on the concept for almost a year, then did some customer discovery to create a cloud based solution to take a clipboard concept and digitalize it.  Given they didn’t have software development experience they needed to bring in support to do this portion.

Jim and his team are bringing in an outside source to help market their product.

“Trying to pinpoint the public safety issues they are facing and use technology to solve them.”

How to Contact Jim (29:21)

Jim's Website


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