Courtney Wilson Founder of Drop Zone for Veterans024  - Dwayne Paro welcomes Courtney Wilson to today’s podcast.  Courtney is a former Army Engineer Captain, combat veteran and Bronze Star Medal recipient.  She has been profiled in the New York Times and interviewed by CNN and NPR for her experience in Afghanistan, as well as named a ‘Military Entrepreneur Making a Difference’.  A Creative Writing major turned Engineer turned MBA Candidate, Courtney is a creative analytic who believes equally in authenticity and efficiency.  She lives in Boston, MA with her boyfriend, also a veteran and their adorable King Cavalier Spaniel, Molly.

Serving our Great Nation (3:21)

Courtney’s was an engineer officer and deployed to Afghanistan.  She finished up stateside.  She served as a construction engineer.

Transitioning to Entrepreneurship (4:38)

When Courtney transitioned out of the military she sold most of her possessions and traveled around the world.  She then became a personal trainer and went to grad to school to get her MBA.  The experience she had when traveling were amazing and provided her a different perspective to start her civilian career.  She feels her core strengths were augmented while in the military.  The compilation of her experiences has been key to her success.

“No matter what there is a way.”

Being able to figure out how to get things done no matter what.  She used her creative side to apply concepts to meeting the mission and this has translated well into her entrepreneurial endeavors.

After finishing her MBA she went right into building her company.  Her company was started as part of her MBA work.  She created an online platform to connect veterans with the resources they need.  The idea is to provide the comprehensive team for veterans.

Courtney highly recommends attending the veteran based boot camps.  She highly encourages various veteran based resources that are available.

How to Contact Courtney (29:21)

Courtney's Website



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