Brandon Buttrey Founder of Counter Strike Coffee022 - Dwayne Paro welcomes Brandon Buttrey to today’s podcast.  Brandon is a 10 year Combat Veteran from Houston, Texas and is now producing a brand new line of outstanding coffee that reflects some of the experiences individuals have while serving this great country of ours. Veterans, active duty military, L.E.O.’s, Public Safety and Military supporters alike will be able to enjoy the animated depictions of each roast while consuming the best damn coffee they have ever had.

The idea came to him while teaching his field to urban medical integration class. “I provide coffee for my classes and have a donation bucket. There were always a lot of contributors there, so I figured that there is a huge market there.”

Brandon reflected on his time in the service when coffee was held in high regard just to be able to function. He knew that if he designed a military/veteran friendly coffee brand that he could have some serious customers, but that’s not all. “All of the proceeds go back into the company with a portion being donated to charitable veterans organizations”


Serving our Great Nation (2:50)

Brandon came from a military family.  He had always wanted to go into the military, he joined the Navy under Medical.  Performed shored duty in DC and then went with an infantry unit of Marines.  Took him around the world to do training.  Selected to be on a personal security detail.  He did deployments in Iraq.  As a combat medic he ended up in pediatrics in a unit in TX.  He ended up deploying to Afghanistan while awaiting the birth of his son.  After ten years he made the decision to separate.

Transitioning to Entrepreneurship (10:20)

He was hired into the oil and gas industry as soon as he separated.  Grew into a management position during the time he was at the various oil and gas companies.  Leadership was a core strength Brandon developed while in the military and has used it to his advantage.  Certifications he had earned were important to keep and show the resolve he had to achieve success.  Transitioned to full time entrepreneur because he was laid off from the oil and gas industry.  He decided that coffee had always been part of his life from high school and into the military.  He felt that the well-known brands weren’t addressing all the space and wanted to add to it.  The brand he has developed is geared towards military and veterans.  While the main product is coffee he has expanded into shirts and other items that allows his brand to be known.  He sought other veteran support and organizations to get started.  Branding was always very important during the process.  He has been very diligent in not taking money from the business and keeping an eye on how to fund the organization going forward.

How to Contact Brandon (31:25)

Brandon's Website


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