Robert Patton Founder of Sheath Underwear021 - Dwayne Paro welcomes Robert Paton to today’s podcast.  Robert started his career in corporate jobs while he went to college earning his Associates degree.  In 2005 he felt like he was at a crossroad in his life due to the economy and the state of the Nation fighting a war in Iraq so he needed to make a big decision to avoid being stuck in a life of ambition that he didn’t care to pursue.  He felt the universe was sending him a sign to join the Army who were giving bonuses and paying off college loans. Robert entered into the army in January 2006 and was in Iraq by July 2006 on his first tour with a team of seven where they were responsible for safely returning with honor and dignity our fallen heroes.  It was their responsibility to receive the remains from the service members unit and ensure it was handled with the utmost honor, dignity and respect they could possibly provide so that they could return them home to their loved ones to be remembered as heroes and provide closure with their family.   After leaving the military Robert was blessed to start a business with a small team or army if you will behind him that count on him.

Serving our Great Nation (2:56)

Robert joined the military when he was 26 with some amount of work experience.  As he was going through training he pushed himself to excel in every aspect from eating, training, fitness and preparing for his career field.  While deployed to Iraq he had a mission for caring for the fallen soldiers to ensure they were returned respectfully to their families.  He also was responsible for doing administrative duties as well with his background.  They were also responsible for returning the remains of the Iraqi’s to their families.  After returning from home he was shortly returned to Iraq for another tour.

Transitioning to Entrepreneurship (10:20)

Robert came up with his entrepreneurial path while in the military.  He had experienced issues with the way the military undergarments fit and caused issues in the heat.  He designed his own underwear that would keep that from happening.

“The idea came to me under extreme circumstances.”

He had various issues with the design and creation of the product as he worked with various vendors and had to make adjustments as he went along.  Due to the lack of funding he decided to use external funding sources, kick starter.

“I ended up approving production before they were ready”

He found that he wasn’t acting on feedback soon enough to avoid some of the mistakes that he was making.  Once he started to take the advice he found he started to move forward much quicker.

How to Contact Robert (26:57)

Robert's Website

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