William Tate Founder of Money Landscape015 - Dwayne Paro welcomes William Tate to today’s podcast.  William H. Tate has recently joined the new BLAZnTECH leadership team as their innovative CFO. He has extensive experience in working with both small startup company teams as well as employment with several leading Wall Street financial services firms.

He has enjoyed a wide-ranging background is the financial planning and financial services industry. He first became a Financial Advisor in 1994. Since then, he has been a financial trainer, advisor, and manager in Silicon Valley with some well-known financial services firms such as Morgan Stanley.

William is also the founder and creator of Money Landscape (ML). ML is the first ever totally visual personal finance system and financial literacy platform for mastering personal finance. ML takes ordinary personal money management spreadsheet data and converts it into a totally visual financial accounts representation arrangement. ML might become the next generation financial info and data display standard for the American financial services industry.

William started his US Army career when he turned age 17. He enlisted in the local Army National Guard while still a junior in high school. He enjoyed an Army ROTC scholarship at Ole Miss. His first officer duty was as a new 2nd Lieutenant, Executive Officer assigned to a US Army Special Forces (Green Beret) A- Team. He conducted successful missions in Africa, Central America, Europe, and the Middle East. He retired after 18 years of honorable and global service due to the 1994 Forces Reduction Act.


Serving our Great Nation (2:51)

William entered the military when he was 17 and stayed for 18 years.  He did tours all over the world to include the Gulf War.


Transitioning to Entrepreneurship (3:48)

William started his entrepreneurial path thru Bunker Labs.  His local chapter in NC, the research triangle park, was a key aspect to getting started with BLAZnTECH.  He was asked to serve in the CFO role of the startup.  This was a product developed by someone else and brought to market.  The original founder wanted a veteran based team to move from concept to production.  He is part of the acceleration phase.

William was able to take his military mapping experience and translate that into developing a financial tool.  He calls this the Money Landscape platform.  The way he is able to represent financial data in a color coded overlay format made the understanding more understandable.  This was a service oriented product that he wants to take to market on a larger scale.  He will need to expand his team of support to do this, much like the BLAZnTECH product.

Prototyping, getting feedback from you ideal clients and build your team of people to go to market.

“The idea of having a team vs lone ranger is very important”

Finding hubs of entrepreneurs to get support such as bunker labs is very important.  Having a mentor or coach directly as well can significantly increase the chances of success.

How to Contact William (34:15)

William’s Website



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