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013 - Dwayne Paro welcomes John Preston to today’s podcast.  John is currently a Pacific Records recording artist and full time firefighter. As well, John is a former Marine Corps field wireman, running over a 100 combat missions while in theatre, 2000 to 2004 achieving the rank of Sergeant in his 4 years of service.  John began his music career while in Iraq writing his song "Good Good America" which became an overnight success and gave John his first shot at the music industry signing a record deal upon his return from Iraq.  John returned to the music industry in 2014 signing with Pacific Records and quickly releasing his first single "this IS war" in October of 2014.  Since he has released many songs which he has received many accolades for and have had a profound impact focused on calls to action for issues such as stand against ISIS, PTS, and Suicide.  John's life took a turn of tragic irony when in January of 2016 John's own brother fell victim to post traumatic stress and took his own life. The passing of his brother was enough to make him consider ending his career, but has instead fueled his hard work and passion and his new single superman falls is set to release in January of 2017 on a compilation album titled Battlecry: Songs of America's Heroes.

Serving our Great Nation (3:34)

John joined the Marine Corps in 2000.  Came from a family of Marines.  Joined as a wireman, volunteered to deploy Iraq.  He served as an infantry squad leader.  Transitioned out of the military after serving four years of service when he returned to the states.


Transitioning to Entrepreneurship (6:40)

Everything that is happening now is a result of things that happened in the Marine Corps.  Created a song called “Good Good America” that was well received and Los Angeles Times contacted them.  Back then the social media capabilities to stream were non-existent.  He was contacted by many media outlets.  John had a god given gift for music.

“I don’t need to hone my craft of playing music, I need to hone my craft of selling my product.”

Spends his nights and weekends marketing his music in spite of having a support team because he is so passionate about his product.

“Nobody tells your story like you.”

He has built a solid team and he still pushes for all that he wants in addition to what his team can provide.  You have to do the grind to get what you want and create the results you want.

Two resources that John believes are driving forces in his success are The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho and The Secret by Rhonda Byrne.  He believes staying positive is critical to success, especially when you experience tragedy.

Superman Falls (18:00)

John experienced the loss of his father unexpectedly just before he produced one of his groundbreaking productions.  This is a profound loss for John and his family.

“You can manifest anything, just believe in it.”

Only six months after this tragic loss he lost his oldest brother Michael to suicide.  He was a former marine and police officer that was suffering from PTS and depression.  He left behind an amazing wife and four amazing children wondering what went wrong.  All of this tragedy has pushed John to be determined that he would make sure the world knew about his brother Mike.

“Our Superman lost his battle with PTS, lost his battle with depression…took his own life.”

“This man was invincible”

The Valkyrie initiative is the project John is using to get the message out and is donating all his time and the proceeds to fight veteran suicide.  Many veteran based organizations are supporting this effort such as Grunt Style.

How to Contact John (34:25)




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