Kevin Bemel Founder The Bemel Group009 - Dwayne Paro welcomes Kevin Bemel to today’s podcast.  Kevin is the President of The Bemel Company, Inc., where he helps veterans become financially secure by training them to find high paying jobs and start businesses. He writes and speaks on The 8 Deadly Sins of Job Hunting: Avoid Employment Hell Using the Five Steps to a High-Paying Job (Veterans Edition), as well as leadership, veteran reintegration, and ethics. This is an outgrowth of his work as a chaplain in the United States Navy where he worked with service members in the Marine Corps, naval aviation units, and a submarine squadron helping sailors and Marines get promoted and work through issues such as infidelity, criminality, and abuse. Currently Kevin is the Deputy Command Chaplain for a special warfare unit.

Serving our Great Nation (2:45)

Kevin came to the military as a second career.  He had a 20 commercial real estate career prior.  He was looking to find a fulfilling career to give back to our nation.  At the time he was past the age allowed to join.  He became ordained as a Jewish Chaplain which allowed him to join the military.  He was in DC at the Capital on 9/11 which was a driving force to join the military.  First duty assignment was in Okinawa Japan.  He was able to support all branches of the military.  He was then sent to CA to be the Chaplain and was deployed aboard a ship to the Gulf.  He was inspired to be part of a group that were young but doing amazing things for our Country.

“Ran a series of training on personal finance for starting a business.”

Decided to get out after a series of deployments.  He decided to better support his family he would separate from the military.  Transitioned to the reserve at 52.

Transitioning to Entrepreneurship (9:20)

Kevin had to decide if he was going to go to work for a business or start a business.  He met an individual who was starting an entrepreneur boot camp. They seemed to gel and decided to partner; he would promote the trainings in the West.  They had partnered with a University in OH to make the program accessible via the GI Bill.  This partnership dissolved due to lack of support from the University.  Too many obstacles for the effort to be viable going forward.

Started his own coaching business for veterans in transition.  A lot of networking and fact finding was done to understand what was holding veterans back.  The disconnect between veterans and civilians is a leading contributor.  The way you find a job is different than what the military teaches you.  Many services for transition are not well prepared to properly serve those in transition.

Having success in the military and civilian life is critical to explain how to bridge that gap, which most do not have.  Proper mentorship is the biggest gap in true reintegration.

According to Veterans people who are providing training don’t have the success or experience they need to see.  As a result Kevin launched a training program, which partnered with 1,300 veterans.  He has been revamping his program to make it more accessible and affordable.  Finishing up his book and looking to start the publishing process.

How to Contact Kevin (47:00)

Kevin’s Website



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