Jon Taylor Founder of Mr QuickPick008 - Dwayne Paro welcomes Jon Taylor to today’s podcast.  Jon Taylor is a US Navy veteran and the founder of MrQuickPick USA, a national brand for roadside assistance entrepreneurs. Jon joined the Navy in 1988 and would spend the majority of his enlistment assigned to the aircraft carrier USS FORRESTAL (CV-59) during Persian Gulf War operations Desert Storm and Provide Comfort. Honorably discharged in 1993, he would return to Kentucky and study Communications at the University of Louisville. In 2006 he started Quick Pick Lockout Service and soon expanded operations to Virginia Beach, VA where Quick Pick would win the AAA Member's Choice award for three consecutive years (2010, 2011, 2012). After successfully testing his business model in multiple locations Jon began licensing the MrQuickPick® Lock and Road Services brand, now being used by dozens of roadside assistance entrepreneurs all across the country. He published his first book, "Breaking Into Cars for a Living", in 2013.

Serving our Great Nation (3:12)

Jon started his career as a machinist mate, he was responsible for converting salt water to fresh water aboard the ship he was assigned to.  Stationed in various locations in FL, and finished in Philadelphia.  Being deployed on a ship you work 12 to 16 hours a day for six months at sea.  He used the time to send ideas to the President on possible ship decommissioning ideas and coming up with great entrepreneurial ideas.  The downtime aboard the ship has allowed him to use that time to plan and think through a business model that would work in the future.



Transitioning to Entrepreneurship (7:35)

Jon was able to leverage Intellectual Property (IP) licensing to increase his brand awareness.  He was able to get his business off the ground for a few thousand dollars.  The IP licensing allowed him to grow to other areas quicker and more efficient than franchising.  His business, Mr. QuickPick does light duty road side service.  Through his model everyone becomes a business owner.

“No one cares more about the job and the customer service than a business owner.”

So through this he created his own competition, letting them buy into the value of a national brand name.  All owners use the same brand name to grow and get exposure on line and in person where they are located.

“Military is all about teamwork, attention to detail and strong work ethic.”

Fresh out of the military Jon worked for a hotel chain and used his educational benefits to grow his career.  Saw an opportunity to solve a problem that was associated with clients who needed additional support while staying at the hotel.

Breaking into Cars for a Living Book (18:00)

Jon wrote about how to get established as an owner of Mr. QuickPick.  This provides the steps necessary to know in order to get started.  He uses this to filter through those who are interested and situated to jump in and become a owner/partner.

In the Zone (20:50)

Goes way back to when he was growing up and had many entrepreneurial ventures as a kid.  He found there was an unlimited things that could be done as an entrepreneur.  This followed him into the military where he continued to come up with various plans and ideas to do upon departing from the military.

How to Contact Jon (35:20)

Jon's Website



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