Scott Warren Founder The Exfil Project006 - Dwayne Paro welcomes Scott Warren to today’s podcast.  Scott is the owner and chief ad strategist at The Exfil Project Traffic and Conversion Agency. As a digital nomad, he is successfully combining business building and paid social media advertising with exploring and plenty of time in the great outdoors. He and his family are traveling the USA in a 1985 Winnebago.

Scott is a former elite Special Operations Operator, with numerous overseas and war zone deployments. He holds a Master of Business Administration in International Business from Thunderbird School of Global Management.

Serving our Great Nation (2:35)

Joined the military in 1995, spending five years in the First Ranger Battalion.  He then was selected to be an Operator which he did for seven years.  These years included a number of deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan.  He left the Army in 2006.

Transitioning to Entrepreneurship (3:35)

The Exfil project is digital marketing agency focused on paid traffic and conversation optimization.  They leverage various platforms such as Facebook LinkedIn and Twitter.  This follows a sales funnel approach to track and ensure results are being obtained.  Facebook ads are by far the most highly sought after.  This requires spending money and being committed to long term success.  Two key things; time is important and optimization via a strategy is important.

The Exfil amplifies the content of the client to help them find other customers that they may have never reached.  Scott does some amount of consulting to advise for a monthly fee for those who want to do some of their own work on this.

Scott is result oriented vice an hourly paid consultant.  He doesn’t want his time and success to be measured by number of hours spent each day working, delivering value is more important.  He finds his work to be mission focused.

Flexibility and learning to fail fast are two things he learned from his combat experience that has really helped him in being an entrepreneur.

In the Zone (18:26)

It was after finishing up some contractor work and going out on his own.  The first few monetary resulting successes showed he could do it and it was scalable.

How to Contact Scott (28:00)

Scott's Website



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