Michael Tacke Photo Veterans Heavy Haul Trucking005 - Dwayne Paro welcomes Michael Tacke to today’s podcast.  He is a California native who joined the Army following the 9/11 attacks. Michael served in the 101st Airborne as an Infantryman and later as a Green Beret in both 10th and 5th Special Forces Groups. He left the Army after 14 years in the fall of 2016 to pursue opportunities as an entrepreneur. Michael owns Veterans Heavy Haul Trucking which provides over-sized freight transportation services to customers all over the country. Additionally, Michael works at a software company, is a full-time MBA student at Lipscomb University and is a member of the National Guard. He lives in Nashville, TN with his wife Allison and their golden retriever, Ari.

Serving our Great Nation (2:34)

Decided as a senior in high school to enlist in the Army as an Infantryman.  This was for the kickoff of the invasion of Iraq.  After his training he was sent directly to Iraq right away to serve his first of four tours as part of the 101st Airborne.  He went to selection to be a Green Beret after his second tour.  Graduated from special forces training, served his next two tours.

Time seemed to go by quickly and it seems like it was a while ago that he served our country.  He feels the post 9/11 military members are special because of when they served.

“My dad always described it as the next greatest generation.”

Your experience translates so well to being an entrepreneur.

Transitioning to Entrepreneurship (7:15)

Family based business in TN.  His in laws rans a trucking company themselves from home.  He was able to learn from what they were doing and get an inside view of how it all works.  He wanted the ability to spend as much time with his family.  His father in law is a great mentor in the same industry.  He committed to launch his own Heavy Haul Trucking business to work in cooperation with his In Laws similar business.

“No entrepreneurs are doing a business successfully on their own, they have strong networks”

Some important core strengths he learned in the military have been resiliency and adaptability.

Keep learning and focusing on personal development.  You need to be intentional about developing those skills.

In the Zone (22:15)

Can’t remember a specific point but on a daily basis its satisfaction of creating happy customers.  You have to enjoy what you are doing in order to stay in the zone.

How to Contact Mike (29:38)



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