Jim Pfautz Founder of Self Solutions004- Dwayne Paro welcomes Jim Pfautz to today’s podcast.  He is a retired Special Warfare Commander, US Navy, Jim has quickly become a thought leader in the cutting edge world predictive analytics, helping leaders accomplish their goals faster, with reduced risk and increased control. A highly creative, systems-thinker Jim has helped law enforcement, military and industry leaders lead by quantifying traditionally hard to define 'soft' attributes like community relations, communication, trust and culture and then customizing solutions to optimize human performance. Jim is the creator of Predictive Behavioral Analytics, which blends behavioral science algorithms with easy-to-use technology to align behaviors today to create your desired tomorrow. The best way to predict the future…is to create it!

Serving our Great Nation (2:35)

Graduated from the Naval academy in 1990, serving in surface warfare, special warfare and teaching.  Retired as a commander in the reserves.  Recalled in 2004 to help analyze why certain things were happening to certain ships.  He used this analytical, consultant and leadership experience of helping ship commanders to create his own business.

Transitioning to Entrepreneurship (4:15)

Created a software company called Self Solutions that creates algorithms in software to help diagnose organizations and help employees to develop.  Serves human capital management, providing hard numbers around soft attributes.  This allows executives to know if they are getting better or not.  You can tie the association between revenue and employee engagement.  They customize the algorithm to fit the customer’s needs, this is determined through discovery conversations with the client.  Gives an objective opinion from a source removed from the situation.  Helps create self-sustaining and self-solving cultures.  Provides the ability automate behavioral science.

“Being an entrepreneur akin to being more of an artist than an engineer.”

In the Zone (22:15)

There are two parts for Jim.  Knowing entrepreneurship was an obviously for him when he had lost his first company due to an internal trust situation.  He realized it wasn’t about money, it was about creating.

“It’s just something that’s in you.”

Being an entrepreneur gives him a sense of life each and every day.  Napoleon Hill has been very influential to him.  Life rewards you in proportion to what you give.

“We believe we are making the world a better place.”

How to Contact Jim (34:47)

Jim’s Website



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