Nick Bradfield Founder of Divvy Investments003 - Dwayne Paro welcomes Nick Bradfield to today’s podcast.  He is a Marine veteran, graduate of Northwestern University with a Masters in Predictive Analytics, and the founder of Divvy Investments, an advisor friendly robo advisor. He started his career in financial services as a financial advisor with a large brokerage firm.  After a few years Nick decided it was time to move on. He spent several years with a financial services consulting firm followed by a brief stint at a publicly traded technology company. Nick was not the right fit for the corporate world. Upon being told he needed to care less about customers, he decided it was time to go into business for himself. When not working, Nick can be found playing superheroes with his son, gazing deeply into his wife's eyes (of which she just rolled), and talking about baseball. Nick passed the Series 65 exam which allows him to operate as an Investment Advisor Representative.

Serving our Great Nation (2:48)

Joined the Marine Corps right out of high school, school of infantry and led crewman.  He was a gunner for most of his service time.  Towards the end of his four years of service he was a vehicle commander, separated as a Sergeant.  This rank gave him the opportunity to mentor and Coach those around him.

Transitioning to Entrepreneurship (5:45)

Nick created an online tool, Divvy Investments, that was designed for do it yourself investors.  Created alerts to rebalance as needed.  Over time it evolved and was desired by financial advisors to use for their clients.  His main focus now is other financial advisors.  His tool increases productivity for the advisors by freeing up time to market their business.  The relationships they build will help them and their clients as they grow in planning.  Tool clearly adds value to other businesses, which is a great sales proposition.  He finds his tool is either really gravitated to by advisors or they are cautious of what it will do for them.  Nick focuses conversation on how to best implement the tool and which ways would work best for their organization vice a sales pitch.  For businesses that are in growth mode this is significant.

“Best thing we learn in the military is how to confidently move forward on an 80% solution.”

“If you are going to go out on your own you have to have your financial house in order”

“You have to have support in place.”

Nick believes it’s very important to surround yourself with smart people.  You should also start selling as soon as possible, don’t be afraid of someone stealing your idea.

In the Zone (22:58)

There are two parts to this, when I was in the corporate world he was asked to care less about customers and when he knew he was in the right spot his son told him he wanted to be like him because he wanted to work from home.  The freedom to carve out blocks of time is huge in knowing that its right for him.

How to Contact Nick (33:00)

Nick’s Website



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