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Season 1 (Episodes 1 to 45) - Our Nations Combat Vetrepreneur’s talk about how they transformed their combat experience into a groundbreaking entrepreneurial success and courageous champions of veterans who started businesses for the purpose of supporting veterans.  We discuss their experience in relation to what I have defined as their VisualReality; their personal vision of building a successful business leveraging their experience to bring their core strengths into the entrepreneurial realm.  

Season 2 - The show will embarking on a slightly different path in 2018.  I will be interviewing those that have stories of empowerment.  These will include how they have been empowered to achieve success or overcome obstacles/limitations in their lives or how they have empowered others to achieve great success in their lives.  Please check back for more details on when our first episodes will release in 2018.

Welcome to the Charlie Mike Podcast

Hi listeners I’m Dwayne, a Vetrepreneur with a large passion for empowering the veteran community and partnering with veterans to live inspiring and fulfilling lives.  Over the past 25 years I have served in the military, climbed to an executive position and branched out as an entrepreneur. 

I originally created the Charlie Mike podcast to help showcase the amazing success achieved by various Combat Vetrepreneurs.  Combat Veterans bring a vast amount of experience to the entrepreneur realm that cannot be replicated in any other way.  In Season 1 the Combat Vetrepreneurs will walk you thru their amazing experience and give you some great advice on how to become just as successful as they have.  In Season 2 we will be embarking on stories of empowerment.

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This show is published weekly on Monday mornings.  Just in time for the start of the week and for most of your commutes back to work.  This will provide you an inspirational boost to your morning, work week and potentially that push to break out of the dreaded routine.

If you are looking to break out of that commute and 9 to 5 job, this is the show for you to gain insight on how to use the amazing experiences you have gained over the years through your military service.  Our loyal listeners are called CO’s because they are taking charge of their futures and building a strategic business that fulfills them and creates opportunity for growth.  Become part of the CO Nation and let’s grow together in a partnership of success.


Craig Grossi Author of Craig and Fred

045 Craig Grossi Author of Craig and Fred

045 Dwayne Paro welcomes Craig Grossi to today’s podcast.   Craig was raised in the Virginia suburbs of Washington, DC, he is an eight-year Marine Corps veteran, recipient of the Purple Heart and Georgetown University graduate. When not travelling with Fred, he spends a good amount of his time with veteran organizations including the USA Warriors Ice Hockey…

Dan Frank Founder of Three Wire Systems

044 Dan Frank Founder of Three Wire Systems and Vet Advisor – Courageous Champion of Veterans

044 Dwayne Paro welcomes Dan Frank to today’s podcast, as part of our Courageous Champions of Veterans series.   As the CEO of Three Wire Systems, LLC, Dan Frank oversees the operations and strategic direction for the company. In 2007, the company created the VetAdvisor® program to provide proactive preventative care to military Veterans, supporting them throughout their…

Greg Jumes Founder of Victor Tech

043 Greg Jumes Founder of Victor Tech

043 Dwayne Paro welcomes Greg Jumes to today’s podcast.  Greg is a Marine Corps veteran of the war in Iraq who after leaving military service in 2010, turned to a career of high threat security contracting in Iraq and Afghanistan. Greg transitioned to civilian life for the second time in 2015. Having a difficult time adjusting to civilian…

Troy McCann Owner of Bare Metal Standard

042 Troy McCann Owner of Bare Metal Standard

042 Dwayne Paro welcomes Troy McCann to today’s podcast.  Troy McCann attended the United States Military Academy at West Point where he graduated in May of 1990 with a degree in Computer Science. He was commissioned a Second Lieutenant in the US Army as an Armor (Tanks and Cavalry) officer. McCann was stationed in Germany, assigned to…

Donny O'Malley Founder of Vet TV

041 Donny O’Malley Founder of Vet TV

041 Dwayne Paro welcomes Donny O’Malley to today’s podcast.  Founder and CEO of VET Tv and Irreverent Warriors, Donny O’Malley (Daniel Maher) was born in Queens, New York to Irish and Colombian Catholic immigrants. After college, O’Malley (then Danny Maher) commissioned as an officer in the United States Marines in 2009. As an infantry officer he led his…

Angela Cody Rouget Founder of Major Organizers

040 Angela Cody-Rouget Founder of Major Organizers – Courageous Champion of Veterans

040 Dwayne Paro welcomes Angela Cody-Rouget to today’s podcast, as part of our Courageous Champions of Veterans series. Angela Cody-Rouget is the founder and owner of Major Organizers™, a residential organizing company. She has been building the Major Organizers brand (formerly Major Mom) since November of 2006 and currently has a team of 22 employees in Arizona…

Lane Been Founder of Pilot Properties

039 Lane Beene Founder of Pilot Properties

039 Dwayne Paro welcomes Lane Beene to today’s podcast. Lane is a proud Ft. Worth native and product of a middle-class family. After graduating from high school in 1987, he attended the US Air Force Academy to pursue his dream of military aviation. From 1991 until 2001, he served as a pilot in the active duty Air…

Jennifer Roseman Photo

038 Jennifer Roseman Executive Vice President of Vet Advisor – Courageous Champion of Veterans

038 Dwayne Paro welcomes Jennifer Roseman to today’s podcast, as part of our Courageous Champions of Veterans series. Jennifer serves as an executive at Three Wire Systems’ VetAdvisor supporting Department of Defense, Department of Veterans Affairs and private sector contracts.  Jennifer has more than 15 years of implementing and directing military and veteran programs which improve access…

Scott Tucker Founder of Be Financially Fit

037 Scott Tucker Founder of Be Financially Fit

037 Dwayne Paro welcomes Scott Tucker to today’s podcast. Scott Tucker is a former U.S. Army officer and author of the bestselling book “From Deployment to Dollars.” A graduate of West Point, he went on to serve as an executive officer and platoon leader for U.S. forces in Iraq and Germany. Scott was eventually promoted to strategic…

Aaron Wolf Founder of Adventures Accessed

036 Aaron Wolf Founder of Adventures Accessed

036 Dwayne Paro welcomes Aaron Wolf to today’s podcast. Aaron Wolf is the founder of Adventures Accessed, an outfitting and guide company based out of Chicago. Through his work, Aaron’s goal is to help others build a meaningful connection to nature through immersive, experiential programs that incite natural curiosity and empower members to overcome challenges. Aaron works in…

Aaron Serrano Founder of Military Cost Cutters

035 Andrew Serrano Founder of Military Cost Cutters

035 Dwayne Paro welcomes Aaron Serrano to today’s podcast.  Aaron enlisted in the United States Marine Corps after attending college and graduated the top of his class in Infantry School earning a meritorious promotion. After gaining valuable experience he completed Officer Candidate School and was commissioned in the United States Marine Corps. Completed two combat deployments to…

Doc Collins Founder of Patriot Heart Press

034 Doc Collins Founder of Patriot Heart Press – Courageous Champion of Veterans

034 Dwayne Paro welcomes Doc Collins to today’s podcast, as part of our Courageous Champions of Veterans series.  Doc believes in bringing healing, hope, and understanding to the Military Family. His first of a 5 book series will hit Amazon and book shelves everywhere this October. While speaking, in Dallas this spring, he landed a 3 book…


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